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Deport Beeber Online

              by Dooking Ferret Games

Deport the famous pop singer to Canada by car, before the fuel runs out, and avoid getting caught by his fans.






Dustin Beeber’s deportation is finally approved by the White House. Just as he boards the plane, thousands of his fans gather at the airport and prevent the plane to take off. It is now up to an experienced cop to take him to Canada by car. Neither Beeber’s fans, nor Beeber himself want to have him reach the Canadian border.

Play with a police car to drive Dustin Beeber across the US, from LA to Canadian border. Make your way through various obstacles, escape from Beeber’s fans who slow you down, and don’t let the Fuel run out before you reach the destination point.

– Race against time: a game with a very fast pace
– 12 missions, each one represents major USA cities
– Three abilities: Nitro, Jump, Shoot in the Air
– A group of Beeber’s fans always behind your back
– Destructible and indestructible props to interact with
– A set of upgrades for the car and for the abilities
– Five different Bonus Cars with certain bonuses you can switch to
– A list of achievement required to switch to certain cars
– Coupons that can be traded for Bonus Cars or Cash
– High Score: Top-10 in game and others on Leaderboard


SPACE – Jump
UP ARROW – Shoot in the Air

MOUSE CLICK – Menu buttons and in-game Pause

Nitro functions:
1) – Press and hold on the ground to increase speed.
2) – Press once to glide through the air.

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